Neuron Wifi v1.0 firmware update: d/l location and instructions


Hi all,

I had the link for the firmware download link and instructions for 1.0 kickstarter wifi module. Now for the life of me I cannot find it again - can someone share it please? I’m having trouble connecting to wifi and have done reset etc.

also has anyone sssh’d in or brought up the OpenWRT web admin UI of the wifi module? I found it while messing around and did some googling - there was a nice teardown in this instructable (dont void your warranty please) but it didnt go into much detail.




Forgot to mention my (unused till now) Wifi block from the kickstarter was not connecting thus the need to update firmware.

Found link to archive w/ firmware and instructions from this post:

with this file:,%20please%20save%20the%20file%20under%20root%20of%20D%20or%20E%20drive.rar

After following instructions above to flash new firmware, everything works great :slight_smile:

Looked more into wifi block internals - seems like it uses the linkit 7688. I picked up a few from seeed a while back, nice board.

Question if anyone knows - linkit has a com port w/ driver:

I havent tried installing it and seeing if you can establish connection over usb or not - it is not supported with standard usb serial drivers used my makeblock.


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