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Dear All,
I have the same issue as described before by somebody else:
I have just broken out my kickstarter sourced All-in-one kit again, this time for my youngest kid, and find that the WiFi module is no longer functioning.

Since I last used this, the iPad app has gone through several revisions, and the new version asks that we firstly connect to the wifi SSID of the wifi module using the iPad WiFi settings. This works fine, but when the neuron app tries to connect to it, it counts down for 60 seconds while trying to connect, and ultimately times out and fails to connect. I’ve tried multiple iPad Mini’s and an iPad Pro but all exhibit the same behaviour.

I note that others have seen similar issues but these apparently resolved with newer iOS neuron app versions. I’m currently running v1.4.7 of the neuron app on all devices.

Can you please send my the link to the software to fix this, the link in the old post is the forum is not working anymore,
thanks a lot ,



Makeblock will send the files. Be sure to follow the instructions.
You will need a computer, ideally with a WIFI card to connect to the block WIFI.

Good luck.


Hi Stefan1,
I sent you an email with that. Please check it.


I have the same problem can you send me the file as well


Please try this link


Hi there

I have the Kickstarter version but only opened it a few months ago since my children were too young til now

I have never been able to get the app on the iPad or iPhone to successfully "network configuration”

Last time it said another device is connected

Then I followed the link above, extracted the rar files and followed the instructions to update the firmware

Now I still cannot successfully connect - it just times out

Is there something else I can try?

My 6 yr old son is showing lots more interest in the hardware and they are using the software in his school



Hi Stefan did you manage to rectify the issue?



Hello jonjomatic,

I already have this problem and it has been fixed not Makeblock.

  1. My Kickstarter WIFI block, does this problem regularly. To correct the problem.
    A) Reset the WIFI block with a pointed element;
    B) Forget the WIFI network on your iPAD;
    C) Reconnect to WIFI;
    D) Enter the PW: Makeblock
    E) Go to the Neuron and Functional App
  1. Still a problem?
    A) Take a laptop;
    B) Connect the WIFI to the Neuron block;
    C) Enter:
    D) If you see the configuration go your block is probably repairable.

Give me news, I will try to guide you.


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