Neuron, mBot, Codey Rockey


Hi, My daughters have grown up and our interests have changed. I only indicate that I will sell several Makeblock equipment in order to acquire other equipment such as a 3D printer, etc. I had indicated in my previous POST that I quietly left the Forum because of the orientation.

So I have 2 Codey Rockeys, 4 mBot 1s, lots of expansion kits, Neuron kits and I’m including a pretty cool project like an EscapeBox with the Neurons. Communicate with me, if you are interested BUT I am in Quebec so there may be shipping… The equipment is in very good condition because it is Makeblock material.

P.S. I loved learning robotics and electronics with quality products… I think it’s time to share it with other students. My high school uses LEGO products but there are certainly schools, day camps or even a dad who wants this material at a reasonable price.

P.S. I can even offer a small course free of charge, under certain conditions.


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