Neuron color sensor


hello everyone!!
I don’t know how to use the color sensor block in app?
can’t pick a color


Hi ym51088,

You have to tap with your finger twice quickly.

  1. Put on the Color Sensor block
  2. Tap 2 times quickly
  3. Pass the color on the sensor
  4. Click SELECT
  5. Click confirm
  6. Get you your detection condition

– Same principle

  1. Put the RGB LED block
  2. Tap 2 times quickly
  3. Select the color to display



Thank you so much!!
I follow your steps. It works​:smiley::smiley::smiley:
May I ask another question?
how to use this one?


Hehehe, I don’t use Makeblock products anymore but you can ask your questions.
When I go on the forum, I try to see if I can help…

For the component, it seems to take a value reading every second. It’s used for ???
Envoi en cours…


Hi ym51088

I’ve officially left the forum but if you’re looking for Neuron projects to do with the tablet, I have a complete Neuron site that I made and curated. I can transfer everything, it’s French but there are all the Words, the solutions, etc. for your amusement…

It’s just an example…



You’ve left?


Yes, I left the forum activity and I also sell my Makeblock equipment. At first, about 5 years ago, I thought that the excellence of Makeblock products would overshadow LEGO. But product excellence is only part of the equation. Without community, events and a good exchange platform, it’s impossible to increase interest. I help students in LEGO competitions to qualify internationally.

Makeblock had everything to do a nice place next to LEGO and be an alternative but visibility Canada is not in their plans.


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