Neuron App isn't working on Android 14


Hi there, my daughter received the makeblock neuron kit for Christmas and it looks great.

We can’t download the app, as our android version is too high (14). We downloaded from the website and are going in circles and can’t make anything happen.

Please help us
Thank you


Hi @Erry, please contact support regarding the app issue:
And for the other issue (too high version of Android), try the PC app or the online version ( or If you still can’t get it to work, try the mBlock Blockly app as well. I know that’s a lot to try, but you might find a solution in there somewhere. :slight_smile:
Be sure to mention me as @Best_codes if you need help with anything else!

Good luck, and thanks for your time,


Thanks @Best_codes.

Have already sent an email so hopefully they’ll reply soon. We tried the online app and PC version but none of it wanted to work.

Will explore the app you have mentioned



@Erry Awesome! Hopefully makeblock can solve the issue. Neuron is an awesome kit! Feel free to ask on the makeblock Reddit for help as well if you have a Reddit account as well.

Good luck!


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