Neuron App is updated!


Neuron App is updated! It comes with exciting features this time:

  1. Support for new Explorer Kit
  2. New build and coding guides for Explorer Kit
  3. Improved Gyro node for phones/tablets
  4. Improved Ranging Sensor node
  5. Built-in manual for Creative Lab Kit

You can download “Neuron” App on Apple Store NOW!
or scan the following QR code and experience more~


dear tech team, I use with the kids 6 samsung galaxy tab A T560 and 5 of them are compatible and the last one is not.

It uses Android 4.4, what else could it be the problem for installing Neuron app?


The one which is not working also samsung galaxy tab A T560?
Can you search the neuron App in the app market?
It couldn’t be installed?
Any error message during installation? Please post the screen shot".
Previously, did you install this app?


So, I have 5 samsung Galaxy Tab E T560 - 4 of them have Neuron app installed (last week) and the last one it seems to be NOT compatible. I don’t see Neuron app in PlayStore and when I try through browser I get the message that it is not compatible. I took a photo of both tables (one that is ok and one that is not compatible) and they seem the same.

Please advise, as i really need to use the app on this tablet also.


They are totally same tabs.
Please check the Neuron App version on those 4 tabs.
Also please take screenshot of the “incompatible” page.


OK, so I figure it out. There were some default settings regarding installation from uknown sources that were considered unsecurred.

After checking that, all went perfect.

I was wodering, is there any chance that in the nearest future we could connect via bluetooth Neuron to mBlock (on tablets)?


There is mBlock App for mobile devices which is the same as mBlock 5. Devices connect to mBlock via Bluetooth.


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