Neuron app and file transfert


I would like to save a neuron program from my tablet in order to send this program by mail and to open it with an other tablet. Is there a way to do that ?


Currently it is not possible to save the program and then open it in another device. We’ll forward this feedback to related department.
And mBlock App supports neuron and we can save the program. On another device, if we login with same account, we can open the program again.


Thank you but,
the mBlock app seems to be impossible to download on my android tablet and for an ios tablet : not all programming blocks are present, the humiter/temperature for example.


You may try Google play as mBlock app is not available on all phone built-in app store; And it is available in Appstore for iOS device. mBlock is almost the same as mBlock 5 (Beta stage) and now it doesn’t include all neuron modules and we should add them later.


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