Need Helping Creating This Program


I am looking for a program that can solve a maze. Like it lights up and defines things and such.


Hi Siege, to be honest it’s a little difficult to understand the detail purpose of your program. If you wish to control the mBot go randomly left or right, you can try with the program as below, with a little adjustment for sure to fit your whole program. If I understood your idea wrongly, please let me know more details about your design and we can discuss any further. Feel free to contact me on


The purpose of the program is to navigate a maze. I understand your code here, now how do I create a variable that can count if it makes three turns.



That sounds interesting.


Hi Siege,

here is your code with some corrections.

Tip: If you want to get out of a maze, always turn on one side. There is a better method, but it is the easiest.


Thank you! My dude! Thanks you I figured out how to do it!