Need help X axis rail board went out


I can’t find anywhere to purchase a board. It’s the it’s the board on the all the way to the left hand side on the rail of the cutter the two little black sensors that are supposed to be connected broke I can’t find any more to buy it help me


Hi Chloesanchez,

Are you talking about the limit switch showing on picture below?

If yes, the broken, is it the physical broken or function abnormal. You can test if the limit switch works or not by inserting and removing a piece of white paper into the black slot of the limit switch when the machine is on. If there is red led on when insert the paper and led off when remove the paper, then the switch should be okay.

Besides, which country are you in and where did you buy the laserbox machine?


I am in the united states. Also it is physically broken, the black slots where I’m supposed to insert the white paper, they have broken off board. I will have to look into where I purchased it and get back to you.!



Hi Chloesanchez,

Thanks for sharing the info.
It looks like you shared me a picture but sorry that I can’t open it.

Yes, we still need to know where you purchase the machine and then guide you to the correct way to purchase. I have sent you an email for further communication.