Need Help with Line Sensor Blocks for mBot 2 in Sumo Program


I did a program sumo for MBot and it works ! But with my new MBot2, i’m in trouble cause there’s new bloc for line sensor, and i can’t find a solution. Someone did it with the MBot2 and share with me ? thanks a lot !


Can you clarify “sumo”?


Sumo is a fight between 2 robots. As real Sumotori, robot push each other outside the ring to win.



For mBot 2, the blocks for the line sensor are in an extension. You can find it and use it by clicking the extension icon at the end of the category panel in the cyberpi device:



Hello. I know this extension, but there is no help to describe the block in the app. Fo example, the blocks for the Quad RGB sensor have a lot of parameter, and we are lost…


Ah, what do you want to code with them? I can help you soon, sorry, I am so busy.


I’d like to make a sumo robot that moves towards its opponent and pushes him off the track. The track would be black, withv a white outline delimiting the track.


OK, I’ll make an example code and get it to you when I can. It might be a bit. :frowning:

Best Regards!


thx a lot ! have a nice day


Here is a screenshot:

I made it rather on the spot, haven’t had time to test it yet.

Download here:

Let me know if it doesn’t work. Best Regards!


Thx a lot. I Will test it this evening !


Great! I hope it works!


Sorry but the sumo is turning around like a crazy dancer…

I wIll continue my quest…


Sorry! Change the blocks shown to white:



@warnaultlionel Try this code: