Need help scrolling text on mBot LED matrix


My 8x16 LED panel does not scroll to display more than 3 characters. If the text is “hello” the panel displays only “hel”. I seem to remember that text messages with more than 3 characters would automatically scroll until the entire message was displayed using version 3. I’m using version 5.3.0 now.
I can include script that increments the starting position of the text but I don’t recall having to do this before.


What extension are you using? Device? Code? Screenshots? Thanks!



I’m using a mBot robot with an added Extension of Makers Platform. The default Looks block of “shows text port 1 - hello” should work. Neither the default or Makers Platform “shows text” block will scroll the text.


Try a code like this:



Thank you for the suggested code. I find that the length of text command block returns the number of characters. On average it takes about 5 LEDs in the 8x16 matrix to display a character. Each increment of x is only one column. There is also the space between characters that has to be accounted for hence the 5 x length of text command. I created the above code that works pretty well. There is a memory limitation that limits it’s ability to display only 19 or so characters: abc…qrs for example. I thought that I remembered V. 3 of mblock being able to scroll text with the “show text” block but that was 3 years ago and I am probably mistaken.


Glad the code worked! Your modifications look great!

Best Regards!