MyProjects detailed view. Block CASE. Comparisons (>= and <=). Lists. Firmware


Hello, I am using mBlock mostly with Codey Rocky. Here are few suggestions.

  1. Would it be possible to implement a block CASE to the Control section?
    It would be nice, instead of having multiple IF/ELSE.

  2. In Operators section - would it be possible to add 2 comparison blocks:

  • greater or equal (>=)
  • less or equal (<=)
  1. The Menu File->Open will show all your projects.
    In case there are multiple projects - it is difficult to scroll through all those large icons.
    Would it be possible to:
  • add a detailed view (like in Windows Explorer)
  • also please add option to organize My Projects in sub-folders - it will be a huge help.
  1. I asked few month ago about making variable type LIST to be accessible for Devices in the Upload mode.
    But it is still not implemented. Do you have a time-frame for that ?

  2. The Update Firmware window/dialog in mBlock 5.2.0 for Windows.
    First - it is not clear from that window what firmware is actually installed on the device (Codey Rocky).
    Second - even I I updated the firmware to the latest one - it looks like I may do it again - to update to same Firmware that I just updated to (23.01.013). Would like to see a message like - your Firmware is up to date, no action necessary.

Please let me know if you may schedule these features to be implemented and when approximately.

Thank you for supporting such a great product !!!


I can’t speak for that mblock will do but here is some things to consider:

Mblock is suppose to be implementation of scratch and mblock5 to be compatible with scratch so that kids that have learned scratch can easily use mblock5

Scratch doesn’t have a case statement. Mblock5 is also being used to generate python code(Codey Rocky actually runs micropython not C) which also doesn’t have case statement. So although it would be easier to teach kids about a case statement rather than using elseif it does mean the code isn’t compatible with scratch and python.

I am certainly missing not having a >= or <= operators and think it should be part of mblock


@Dumitru @OutoftheBOTS
1)About the comparison blocks, as it is basic standard building blocks, we will not change it. If there is a demand, it is recommended to make an extension through the extension designer.
2)To manage the projects, we have got such feedback and is thinking about to improve.
3)Variable type list, it is on the plan to change, maybe will finished in later July.
4)About firmware update, acctually there are live and upload modes in mBlock5.
When at live mode, it will ask you to update the firmware for live mode but if you change to upload mode, it will not prompt to update firmware anymore.
So I don’t think that is a puzzle, also for Codey Rocky there is only one firmware at the present.
Just remember that you need to update firmware when at live mode.