My MBot2 cyberPi can't work as a remote control


Hi all seniors, I just received a MBot2 as a Christmas gift. Managed to set up the bot and some basic commands. I tried to disconnect the CyberPi from my Mbot to use it as a remote control, but it doesn’t work. Can I get some help here please?


I have no idea what the official answer is, but I get the impression that you can’t use them separately (which would make sense because you can disconnect them). I think you need a separate cyberpi to act as a remote control.

That being said, I still can’t figure out how to connect to the mBot2 through Bluetooth or WiFi, so I might be wrong…



You can use CyberPi to connect your mBot but you need two Cyberpi and add LAN or lot extension to upload your codes to send cloud message to the device,or you can download Makeblock app to connect your mBot by your cellphone


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