My mBot Ranger's motors are not working



My mBot Ranger’s (Dashing Raptor) motors are not moving although I have coded it using blocks to test is:


I noticed that whenever I try to activate the motors, the wheels will not move. However, at the back, there is a blue light and red light flashing.

The file size of the image is too big so I have it here:

I have tried it multiple times switching the cables and restarting, but I couldn’t resolve it.

Could someone please resolve this for me? Thank you.



It seems that the code is ok have you update your mBot Ranger to latest version or use another program to test the motors and then you can figure out whether the motors or the wheels have problem or not.


And mBot Ranger is a high-power robot please make sure it has been fully charged then it can work normally.



I have used many other similar programs to test it but it still couldn’t work. The motors aren’t moving at all.

I have also plugged the mBot Ranger to my computer through USB and it also cannot work.
Could the motor be not functioning properly?



If you still have problem please contact with ours after-sales team and take a video for us,we can arrange to resend the product or you can send it back to fix it.but I’m not quietly sure it is the problem of hardware,because this morning I fought I can’t upload the program succesfully and maybe our cloud server have some problems today.


FYI:And this is my log


FYI:this is official explaination for this kind of problems



At first, my robot was working fine but it kind of went out of control. Today when I turned it on again, the robot could not move. I suspect it is something which has to do with the motors as there were lights blinking at the back, which is not a usual sight.

The robot is not moving at all even if the speed is at 100%, which means that the robot is not functioning properly. I have used 6 Energizer Max batteries to power the mBot Ranger up. Could you please help me to solve the problem? Thanks.



It seems that is quality problem of motors,consequently,I suggest you contact with ours after-sales team or distributor but do remember take a video for them,after comfirm it’s problem,we’ll arrange to resend the product ASAP or you can send it back to our warehouse to fix it.


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