My mbot gear broke


Dear Make block
i recently received a mbot and a few months after its gear broke is there any way to fix it or can we buy new gears separate
Yours sincerely Hamd


Hi MbotH,

Order 2 TT 130 motor on AliExpress and change the 2 at the same time so that your front mBot correctly. It’s a bit of soldering but nothing fancy. it’s about $ 2 / engine. Pay attention to the shipping costs.

Otherwise, there are the official Makeblock engines


Depend on your description, I think it’s the shaft of the motor on mBot needs replacing. Actually we have taken this kind of situation into consideration: if you check the spare parts in the package of mBot, you will find one like below:

This is the replacement for the motor shaft, and it’s included in mBot’s package. You can find it and replace with the broken one without much efforts.