My friend can not add his own extension to mBlock


WIth a coworker we are trying to create our own extension on mBlock 5.1.0 and he’s got a problem for import his extension on his computer. So I’ve tryed to add his extension and i’v got no problem.
I join a picture from his computer


Do you have the name of the extension ??? or information ??
it’s for the device: Arduino Uno?

PS I can see that you don’t see any extension and it’s not normal.


It’s just an extension wich he has create and his extension works on my computer with mBlock 5.
Also, i tryed to create a little extension wich works on my computer and send to him . He has tryed to add to his mBlock 5 and it didn’t work.

When he’s waiting a few minute the others extensions appears.

I don’t know why he’s got a prohibited meaning icon when he want to add my extension or his extension.


On the extension side, it’s starting to be too complex. I hope makeblock will pinpoint the problem quickly