Multiple Open Projects in mBlock


Hi all,

I want to open 3 different projects at the same time in mBlock. But i couldn’t it. It ask that as pictured below, when i want to open another project in mBlock.


Is there any way to open more than one projects at the same time in mBlock?


Hi Gungorhilal,

I am afraid you can’t open three projects at the same time in mBlock. This isn’t possible in the offline editor of Scratch either. In the online version of Scratch you have the possibility to use a so called backpack with which you can transfer code from one project to another, but the offline version of Scratch, on which mBlock is based, doesn’t have that feature.


PinkyPepper (


Hi gungorhilal,
mblock cannot open 2 or more projects at the same time.


hi, Thank you so much for your reply :slight_smile: