Multiple connections to same device


Hi guys, is there a way to connect multiple mbot to my PC via Bluetooth ? I image that the answer will be no but maybe someone knows something more than me about this topic.




Hi Alexis97,

It is not possible to connect two ranger robots to the mBlock software on one Computer.


@Alexis97 how did you solve it? I saw an extension called “serial broadcast” for Arduino, but I don’t have the Bluetooth equipment to try it.

@tech_support can I convert the Arduino code for Arduino extensions and make them into blocks?


Hi ProfessorHu,

Do you mean you want to program in arduino and then generate the correspoding block codes?
If yes, I am afraid the mBlock software doesn’t have this function.


I meant customized blocks.




Hi ProfessorHu,

In this case, I think you need to create the extension, here is the instruction explain how to add extension on mBlock 5 software.