Moving frok version 3 to version 5


Hi there
I’m trying to make this program (attached, top pic) using mBlock v5, though the sensing blocks only have ‘onboard’ inputs (ie from the mbot), not inputs from the keyboard. Do I have to make separate commands that don’t lock together? (like the bottom pics). If so this seems to be a step backwards in the v5 version.


Hi RichardatQMC,

On mBlock 5 software, you can achive the same function in the way you patested.
Actually, in mBlock 5 software, we separate stage programming from equipment programming. The porgram blocks under sensing of the device, are for the onboard inputs or inputs from sensor. While for the block program blocks under sensing of the sprites, you can find the inputs from the keyboard.


Thanks for that. I must say that seems like a step backwards from the v3. For example, how can I incorporate a space-bar operated ‘stop all’ on the simple script below? It doesn’t work as as a separate script.image


Hi RichardatQMC,

It looks like the picture doesn’t appear, could you paste the picture again?
Anyway, you may need this according to your description:

Actually, you can make the device and sprites interaction using the broadcast or by adding the variable for all sprites. Here is the link with detailed introduction for the mBlock 5 software.


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