"Move forward" not so forward


When I use the command “move forward …” my codey rocky starts slighty to move to the right afer approx. 30 cm.
Until 1 m it is not a big problem, but then it makes a big difference in movement.

In order to “counteract” I try to move the wheels with different speeds, but I didn’t find the right ratio so far
The most “accurate” is 100 : 98,7. It gives me 1 m.

Is it only my Codey with this malfunction, or is a normal margin in accuracy of the codey rocky?


Hi zstaszewski,

I have the same behavior on my 2 Codey Rocky. It is probably for this reason that the mBot Neo has more precise motors.

Note: It’s strange, my 2 Codey shifts to the right


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