Motor Direction vs +/- sign


OK, so with a new mBot Mega and no experience with mBot/mBlock I found it helped to put the mecanum wheels on correctly and it’s good to update frequently. But a simple “fix” that raised a question in my mind is why a + % power for right side motors creates tendency for forward motion but - % power for left motor is required for forward motion. Sure, I realize that the motors are turned 180 degrees from one side to the other, but would it not be a simple fix to swap the white and black wires for one side, say, at the clip to the motor drive so that + % power for all four motors would mean forward. Of course, the issue is now that the “control car to move forward” block has been adjusted for the different signs in the code. . . I suspect. Anyone come up with an easy fix for this?

I almost hate to ask this, but since the Mega tends to drift a little to one side or the other, has anyone attempted to adjust for the difference in rpm/slipage for a given % power?


I haven’t tried, but with a little testing I’m sure you could figure it out.