MIT App Inventor cannot connect to mBot. Android App Force Quit when search for devices



Does anybody have experience connect mBot MIT App Inventor?

I have tried to use this prior extension.

I only can connect to the old version of mBot and cannot connect to the new version of mBot (I see the Bluetooth modules are different; Old one has no shield; New one has a metal shield). I have tried with another mBot, also get the same issue.

Try this new extension, but the android app always force quit when searches for Bluetooth devices.

Does anybody get the same issues?

My plan is to make a code that can contorl mBot movement with the gyro/accelerometer of the android phone for student learning.



Hi etankian
We have new extension V2.0.4 (286.3 KB)


Wah, oh ya? I did not know it. I cannot find it on Makeblock’s webpage.
Thank a lot. I will try it soon.


You’re welcome.


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