Missing Dutch Translation for HaloCode - SOLVED


There are missing translations for the HaloCode device if you use the Dutch (Nederlands) language. Rather than having the English non-translated name variables are omitted.
The following image are screenshots of the problematic blocks:

Below the translation of all missing items:
Translation is from English => to Dutch:

  • Location => Locatie

  • time drop down
    time => tijd
    hour => uur
    minute => minuut

  • drop down of highest temperature
    highest temperature(°C) => hoogste temperatuur(°C)
    lowest temperature(°C) => laagste temperatuur(°C)
    highest temperature(°F) => hoogste temperatuur(°F)
    lowest temperature(°CF => laagste temperatuur(°F)
    weather => weer
    humidity => vochtigheid

  • dropdown of led animations:
    rainbow => regenboog
    spindrift => spindrift
    meteor(blue) => meteoor(blauw)
    meteor(blue) => meteoor(groen)
    helium flash(red) => helium flash(rood)
    helium flash(orange) => helium flash(oranje)
    firefly => vuurvlieg

  • dropdown of motion sensor
    pitch° => helling°
    roll° => rol°

  • reset rotated angle around … => reset de gedraaide hoek rond …

  • all => alle

  • events when >10 block drop down
    timer => timer
    microphone loudness => microfoonvolume
    shaking strength => kracht van schudden

Can you please fix this?


Hi EiLoco, I think I just replied you from support@makeblock.com. Thanks for the report, and I just checked with our team and was told that some parameters went wrong in the translation, and we have fixed the translation for those blocks. Next time when there’s any update of the software, the errors should be fixed.


Yes, I was just going to reply here with your response I received through mail but you beat me to it.
Thanks for the swift answer. Much appreciated.