MegaPi to mBlock through bluetooth?


Hello, I was recently working on the Ultimate 2.0 robot kit, I saw that on the MegaPi, there is an on-board bluetooth port. I was wondering, if you could use the bluetooth port to connect a bluetooth controller, why can’t we connect the MegaPi to mBlock through bluetooth?


I believe it can via the makelock Bluetooth dongle, otherwise it is not supported.


The Makeblock Bluetooth controller does connect to MegaPi via its Bluetooth port and it works very well. The Makeblock dongle also connects to MegaPi for mBlock coding.


I believe the question asked was why can we not connect the MegaPi to mBlock 5 on a PC directly with no dongle.


Other than Bluetooth, what about 2.4G? I have the dongle and the module, but when I connect them, it only works for mBot. Why is that? and if there is a way to use it with the MegaPi, how?


Have you attached the Bluetooth module to the board?
It goes where the blue pins are:



Yes I have, as I’ve mentioned before, I used the controller with the MegaPi. My most recent concern was why I can’t use the 2.4G module and dongle to connect the MegaPi to my computer?


@Besoxsr You should be able to connect the MegaPi to your device if you plug the dongle into a USB port on your device, connect to the USB dongle in mBlock, then push the Bluetooth pairing button.
If you have also inserted the 2.4G Bluetooth Communication Module into MegaPi, they should both connect.

What part of this process seems to not be working for you?


I’ve decided to move on from trying to connect the MegaPi to my computer via Bluetooth. Instead, I’ve connected the 2.4G module directly to the MegaPi’s pins and plugged the 2.4G dongle into my computer. Now, the MegaPi communicates with the dongle just fine. But here’s my question: how can I code the MegaPi through mBlock while it’s connected via 2.4G? Because mBlock doesn’t seem to have an option for that.


I’m not sure about that. :laughing: Maybe @CommandeR has a suggestion. Otherwise, ask support…


Not sure either - only the mBot (1) device seems to have the 2.4G connection option available in the mBlock IDE:


@Besoxsr Maybe mBlock will implement this feature in the future. I can ask a makeblock personnel if you like. :slight_smile:


If you could, that’d be great.

Thank you @Best_codes and @CommandeR


I’ll ask today; the response time is a bit long sometimes…
@Besoxsr Good luck!


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