MegaPi mBot with Raspberry Pi


I am working on a project that I am using a series of multiple mBot Megas with a Raspberry Pi on each. However, when Im making the transition to use the Pis wireless, and connect to through the GPIO method on the MegaPi, the Pi refuses to turn on. The power light flashes, and it boots for about 2 seconds before power cycling. image

Does anyone have a potential solution to this problem?


Hmm…:thinking: Maybe the Raspberry Pi :pie: doesn’t have enough power? :battery:
I know they can draw quite a bit of power sometimes!
Could you give further details on your issue?

(Never mind the emoji :upside_down_face:)

Thanks for your time,


When I connect the PI at the designated pins to the GPIO header on the Pi, it will turn on for about 2-3 seconds before rebooting. I figured that it might be that the voltage wasn’t working right, but a multimeter shows that its at 5.0v with a difference of plus or minus 0.05v.


Hmm… All the pins are correctly hooked up, right? Like positive to red, negative to black?


Most likely MegaPi’s onboard regulator cannot supply enough current for Pi to boot. Maybe try powering the Pi seperately and interface it with MegaPi using a USB cable?


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