Me encoder motor problem


Hi, I have problems with 25 mm motors with encoders. I wrote them a team runSpeed(). For one, 255, and for the other -255. One of the motors begins to turn off for a while and resume its work. And this happens endlessly. The motor driver, meanwhile, is warming up. The LED on one of the motors also burns with pulses when it gives speed. If the motors run in one direction, then there is no such effect. But there is no function to enable reverse for one of the motors. What it is? Still there are problems with PID regulation of their speed. Why can’t it be turned off?


Hi bonny,
Would you please show us the codes you uploaded?
Also take a video for me showing how it performs. You can send it to me( via


I took another driver. At first it worked without problems. Then it started to blunt and the driver was warming up.


Will you please show me the application topology? If you have the video, that will be appreciated.
Then we will try to test it.


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