Me encoder driver


I brought a Me encoder driver and was expecting to get a driver with a TB6612 H-Bridge on it but it seems I got a different version with some other driver on it see the pic below. Does anyone have specs for this driver like max continuous amps and peak amps?? It also has 3 dip switches on it does anyone know what there for???



That’s a different module dr-roboto.

Shane - I could only find this:, Not the same module, but the dip switches are used to set the address of the device - hope that gives you a clue.

Doesn’t answer the question of the driver though. Seems very odd, I couldn’t find anything that looked like this.


I have seen that encoder driver and it takes huge amps for really big motors. The encoder that I revived in the mail must be a new model, I think it is the next generation of the Me Encoder driver but there isn’t yet any docs on it. I am hoping @tech_support will give me some specs so I know its limits


Hi OutoftheBOTS,
Here is the details about Me encoder motor driver.
We also have high power encoder motor driver, please check it here.


There isn’t any info about the encoder driver that I have in the link you have posted. Please check the picture in my original post at top of this thread


Sorry I posted the wrong link.
Have modified it, below is the link you need.


Again that isn’t the encoder driver that I have. I have this one in the picture PLEASE LOOK AT THE PICTURE. It has a different H-Bridge and also 3 dip switches. Can I get specs on max volts, continuous amps and peak amps and what the dip switches are for


Hi OutoftheBOTS,
Sorry for the mistake.
The driver you have is V2.0, you can use the blocks here in mBlock5.




You you also tell me the specs on the driver. Max continuous current and peaked current as well as max voltage.

I looked at the blocks and see that the dip switches identify which driver it is talking too. I looking at the driver it has a mega328p MCU on board. I assume ti controls all the driver and the Main boards via I2C, does the dip switches set the slave address??? Does this means up to 8 of these drivers can run be chained together on the same port??? The block only allow for selecting either port 1 or port 2, is there a reason they can’t be run fro port 3 or port 4???


Hi OutoftheBOTS,
The driver V2.0 has the same parameters with the V1.0
The only diffirence is that V2.0 has a DIP switch.

The port here means the motor connectors for motor on the motor driver.


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