Me Bluetooth: any user manual?


Is there any user manual for this “Me Bluetooth”?
Is there anybody clever and kind enough to do it ?

There is no blue light at all on mine? why?
On the board, I can see a small switch. What the hell is it used to?

It supposed to work on Bluetooth 2.1, but I can get any connection with an old ipad, why?

Why do you expect me to search a FAQ and to ask other lonesome users?

Why don’t you write a simple user manual:

  1. led
  • no blue led: no red either: did you plug the module?
  • no blue led: but red led is on, then your board is out of order. kaput
  • blinking blue led: trying to connect
  • fix blue: connected
  1. usb
    Remember to unplug Me Blue when connected on USB.
  2. pair
    Only one device may be connected to Me Bluetooth, Unpair before changing device.
  3. 2.1
    In order to communicated with a Bluetooth 2.1 device, you should first … pray Vishnu

And don’t forget: if your unable to translate in other languages, then you shall use only International English.


The small sliding switch turns the power on and off. :slight_smile:

Connecting with Bluetooth is a two-step process. First you have to pair it with the device, the iPad in your case, and then from within the mBlock app you have to connect to it.

When I power up my mBot, I see a flashing blue light on the Bluetooth module because I haven’t paired or connected it to anything. For what it’s worth, I have an older iPad and the steps above are what I do to connect to it.

As you note, the Bluetooth module can only be paired to one device at a time.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile: