Me auriga arduino raspberry


I am building a robot with meauriga and a raspberry pi
I would like to know if there is a way to program the meauriga with arduino ide and the raspberry pi
I don t want to compile and upload on a pc and plug it on the raspberry pi each time if I can.
thanks for your time


Hi, sorry, I’m afraid that I am not clear about the problem you have.
Do you mean you want to connect the Raspberry pi with me Auriga directly via programing with Arduino ide?


yes It s that
there is a way to do it?


You can try to upload the me Auriga firmware, and the Raspberry be the default settings, then connect the me Auriga and the Raspberry via USB cable.


there is no way to upload arduino script on the meaurga from the raspberry?


Why not have the ardunio control the motors and other sensors and have the RPI be the brain.
You can have the two communicate thru a USB cable and import megapi into your RPI python program.

I have done this with both an orion and megapi makeblock robot. I have used both a RPI zero WH and 3B.


I try it but I can t control the meauriga on board rgb led (there is 12 led not 4 like in the module)
and I don t know if I can use the other onboard sensor . I already try with megapi but just the motor
Thanks for your time I will continius to check on the web


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