ME AudioPlayer


I’m having trouble communicating with the MEAudioPlayer using an Orion board. It shows the LED, but no sound is coming through. I’ve initialized it through the block code, but the example shows calling the function with a port number. I cannot edit the arduino code since mBlock is read only. Is there another way to edit the code?


Hi Syllius24,

I have the MEAudioPlayer for the mBot and it works fine.

Unfortunately, I am not able to get it to work on the Orion card. When I plug into a WHITE PORT … there is an unpleasant sound. Maybe Makeblock can help us because I don’t know how.


Hi Syllius24, Michel,

The me audio player works with orion during my test.
If it doesn’t play voice, please check the points below:

  1. Connect the me audio player module directly to computer with a USB cable.
  2. Find the audio file saved in SD card refer to pictures below.
  3. Open the audio file T001 and directly play the audio file to check if there is sound.
  4. Make sure all the audio files are saved in root directory instead in the folders.
  5. Make sure the audio files are in correct format, we only support audio files in MP3, WMA, and WAV format.

If all above are confirmed okay, please upload such simple program to mBot and restart the robot to check if it plays the audio file?



I have 2 Orion cards but I cannot use the MeAudio.
When I plug the cable into a WHITE PORT … I have a very loud and unpleasant continuous noise …

Is it in the PORT Blnac ?? (3-4-6-7 or 6 ???)

No problem with the mBot


Hi Crackel,

During my test using Me Audio with orion, there is a little noise when it is connected to orion and everything is normal when it starts to play the music.

Since the Me Audio has white id port, it can be connected to any white ID port of Orion (like 3,4,6,7) other than port 5 which is special for serial communication.

Regarding to the problem situation on your side, is it possible for you to take a video (also recording the noise) to show the problem phenomenon.



Find !!! with Makeblock

There is a “Buzzer” switch near port 8. I don’t know what it can be used for but everything is perfect. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you


Hi Michel,

Good to hear!
The buzzer one orion board is only for internal test. It should be always pulled to off when we use this orion board.