mDraw not accepting hershaw text


Whenever I want to import a svg hershaw textfile from inkscape mDraw (V1.1) logs the following message:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 524, in loadPic
File “D:\mDraw_python\mDraw\”, line 144, in init
File “D:\mDraw_python\mDraw\”, line 724, in parse
File “D:\mDraw_python\mDraw\”, line 713, in parseChildNodes
File “D:\mDraw_python\mDraw\”, line 712, in parseChildNodes
File “D:\mDraw_python\mDraw\”, line 688, in parseNode
File “D:\mDraw_python\mDraw\”, line 669, in parseTransform
IndexError: list index out of range

Question: Who can give me a solution?

mDraw V1.2 is not running on my 32bit Windows 97


Hi, happy new year
And I don’t think 32bit Windows 97 is supporting mDraw… sorry:worried:


Hi, thank You for Your greetings.

I am running mDraw V1.1 on 32bit Win97 and it is working perfectly. Importing exmples like “helix” generated in inkscape are displayed and the steppers are drawing the sketch.

Only when I generate some letters in inkscape via Hershaw Text the file is generated and can be viewed in other programs like LibreOffice. But I can not import the file to mDraw. Nothing appears on the screen and I get an Error Log I posted in my previous message.

I know that mDraw V1.2 is not running on 32bit Win97 but would it be capable to import an Hershaw Text and display it on mDraw?


Problem SOLVED

When you generate Hershaw Text in inkscape you need to ungroup the generated textblock:

  • select the text block
  • press to ungroup the text block
  • import the file to mDraw

That’s it.


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