Mcreate won't recognize nozzle


Hi there, just got an mcreate (v1) this week and it’s giving me a problem with recognition of the nozzle. It keeps saying it can’t detect the nozzle and to check if it’s assemble properly. I’ve tried cleaning the contacts gently and i have to turn off the machine remove and replace the nozzle, turn on get the same error … Do this over and over again and again until after about 20-50 tries it will finally recognize the nozzle. I can then print but multiple times it has stopped mid print… That is stopped extrusion but kept trying to print… I should also mention that if I install the laser engraver then it seems to recognize it first try no problem every time. Is my nozzle defective? Is the carriage unit sensors faulty? Please help me I would rather fix this than to return it to the seller.



Hi, you should contact your dealer for warranty service.



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