mCreate - How can I fine tune?



As the title states I would like to know how to finetune the 3d printer, in particular the steps per mm (But other settings would also be very useful), I can set off set in cura but have to reset and recalabrate everytime I change software or pc’s. It would be most handy to be able to use the M500 to store these values, but as far as I can tell the dev software locked a heap of commands. The source is open on git hub, but I have not the skill or the time to be able to confim this.

I can get reasonable prints but nothing is square or dead round everything is just off just enough to be noticeable.

Is there an advance user manual on how to properly talk to it? In searching the forum I believe the was one user that was given a debug app that would test and set the laser on her mcreate, I believe that this app would be useful for me to help finetune the printer.



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