mCreate Error code 12


Hello all,
I cannot feed or unload filament.
The printer displays Error code: 12, the nozzle and bed do not appear to be heating.
Running time: 36 hours
Printing time: 23 hours
Firmware: 42.01.002.T11
Serial No.: TPK000-00-0000000309


Hi KevinO,

For this issue, please try the suggestion below:

  1. Please reinstall the print nozzle (take it out and plug it back in properly) ;
  2. Does this error appear each time you try to heating the nozzle?
    If yes, please try the troubleshooting [in this link]( 《Can’t heating nozzle?》).


Hi KevinO,

Is the nozzle heating issue solved or not? If yes, could you share the final solution here? If not,please let us know the details, we are always here for you.


I went through to the NZ supplier to get another nozzle just to be sure, they asked me to take it to them.
It is now “awaiting parts” that is the best description I can get other than parts and labor will be free.
Once it is complete I will update here.


Okay, got it, thank you for sharing the info.
Hope the new nozzle can solve the issue soon.

Please kindly help take a picture for the SN sticker on the machine of the machine when you update the info on this topic later since the TPK000-00-0000000309 actually is not the correct SN we requred.:wink:


The supplier of the unit has inspected the unit and deemed it as a refund repair.
All I have to do is return the manual, USB cable and the hex key.
The hex key will be guesswork due to the fact that I keep all tools from kits in the same box, so many metric and imperial hex keys. :slight_smile:
I never will find out what error code 12 is.


Hi KevinO,

Okay, I see, thanks for sharing the info. So the distributor will repair the machine for you or just refund for you?
Btw, which country are you in?


I am in New Zealand.
As soon as I figure out what size hex wrench I’m supposed to return then I will get the refund.
While in the store I will see if I can get the actual failure or if they just put it in the too hard basket because it was the last one they had.

Either way I will post the result here.
Just got to wait to see if new stock arrives but with the money in my bank not theirs.


Hi KevinO,

Okay, got it, thank you for sharing the progress.


It was last one in stock, no spares and not known if/when restock was to happen.

Instant too hard basket, I got a full refund.

I still do not know what error 12 is.


Hi KevinO,

Thanks for the info. I understand and our local distributor in New zealand is restocking, they should have enough stock after a short period.

Regarding to the error 12, it will be reported when the nozzle does not heat up, and it will trigger if nozzle cannot be heated to 2 degrees in 15 seconds or if the heating time is longer than 2 minutes.

For the possible causes, are the points mentioned in the previous document but temperately not sure which it is for this machine.


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