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I have a problem with my mcreate 2 which I just received a month ago. The first prints went fine, even over night but then suddenly the first layer didn’t “stick” properly to the surface anymore. Then, I tried leveling but the printer refuses the auto-leveling, telling me that I have to unload the filament first - which I already did! I loaded and unloaded the filament several times, cleaned the nozzle, removed it and put it on again. I also did a reset and checked that I have the latest firmware. Everything should be fine but the printer stil tells me that I need to unload filament before leveling…
Does anyone has an idea?

Greetings from Germany


Hi josephine:

Please please set the nozzle(defaut 2.63mm) closer to the platform and follow the steps below to clean the nozzle.



Hello Lin,
the nozzle is definitely free and unclogged. I cleaned it in several ways. The problem also remains if I deactivate the clog detection. It kinda seems more like a software problem to me? Is it possible to reinstall the firmware?


Hi josephine:

Thank you for your feedback,I’ll contact with our hardware engineer to figure out solution for you as quickly as possible,thankyou.



1)Remove the print head shell and check the following two points:
Whether there are broken materials inside the print head, and if there are broken materials, clean them up;

2)Check whether the material inspection switch does not rebound normally (see the picture below), manually switch back, and clean up the surrounding consumable powder (consumable powder accumulates too much, cause the switch to fail to rebound normally);



The switch you wanted me to rebound is not there. I guess that could be the problem? Is the switch replacecable?


Hi josephine:

You can contact with local distributor to get the component if they don’t have the inventory it might take weeks to ship the part from china to germany,so you have to comfirm it was broken and you can also contact with too.


Hi josephine:

When the switch is pressed in, the printer thinks that there are consumables at this time; the switch pops out, and the printer thinks that there are no consumables), a false alarm occurs (there are no consumables, but it keeps prompting for consumables), and the leveling cannot be performed normally.Use a tool like nails or tweezers to gently tap the arrow indicates in picture and it should come out


Thanks a lot, I was able to push the switch out again. The leveling is now working again.
Thank you.


You are welcome


Here I am again - it seems like the material detection switch is completely broken. Now that I adjusted it to “no filament”, it does not change its status again when I’m feeding new filament in. I guess it would be best to have the material detection part replaced. Otherwise, I have to screw the whole thing open when I want to level or feed the filament.


Hi josephine:

Very sorry about that,did your product exceeded the warranty?if not please contact with local distributor or seller to fix the component free,if they don’t have the the component let them contact with us we’ll ship it to germany


I already contacted the German seller, I will send the product back to them and they will send it to makeblock for repair… which is a lot of effort but it seems to be the only way for them. I hope that there will be no problem with the warranty because I opened the product as you advised to try and repair it.


It is ok,and very sorry about this problem because small component cause big trouble to you.


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