mCore motor connector


Hi every.
I would like to replace the makeblock motors of my mbot by other motors.
I’ve seen that the mcore can deliver 1A max per motor, this is OK for me, but I can’t find anywhere what are the specifications of the connectors used by the mCore ?
It seems to be 2 pin 2.54 mm but is there any more precise specifications any connector name that I can buy to well connect my new motors ?

Thanks in advance,


Hello, very sorry, no specification about this connector, also it is not suggested that you change another motor to connect with the mBot.


I was thinking that makeblock was designed to help users to build home made robots ?
Makeblock (mcore) is greatly based on open source project (arduino, scratch), and, not providing the connector specifications is not compliant with the “open source” way.
Bad news for the users.


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