mCore add more motors


Hi all.

I’m using the mBot Explore kit and want to connect more than 2 motors (liek the yellow TT geared ones provided) to the mCore.
However, all I can find are extension boards for the Orion or MegaPi, using the “red” connector dedicated to motor controls on these boards. The mCore has no such port, and I was wondering if there was a way to connect 3 or 4 motors to the mCore (like the standard TT Geared Motor DC 6V ones) and if yes, how.

Thanks for all your input.


there is no more place to add motors to mCore,there are only 4 connectors on mCore,4 connectors are for sensors,only M1 and M2 connector is for motor.


Thanks for your reply.

If I understood correctly, the mCore is based in Arduino? If so, the sensor connections (1,2,3,4) carry the standard Arduino ports (like A0, A1, etc)? And if that’s true, is there a way to connect motor drivers (like Pololu) to the mCore using that interface?

Sorry to bother, but I’m desperate to get more motors to the core.



correct,all your understanding is correct.actully you can add motor drivers to mCore,but the process is very complicate.
1.Due to mCore is based in Arduino,so the motor driver you will use must be base in Arduino as well.
2.You can use our RJ25 cable to connect mCore with motor driver,if the connector is different,you can cut the cable to find a way to connect motor driver.(you must notice the pin port connect with mCore must be correct)
3.The new motor driver must have a bettery to provide power for the motor.
4.After connected,you need use an official Audrino editor to compile program.