Mbot2 Tutorial in mblock 5 (iOS)?


Hi all, my first post here, hope you can help me as ihave picked up an mbot neo/2 für my son for Xmas and we are really struggling to get started.

I have got mblock 5 installed on an iPad pro 9.7 and whilst connecting via Bluetooth and creating block based programs works fine, I can’t get the tutorial “game” to work, it seems aimed solely at the Codey robot. I can start the tutorial and even see the tasks, but the mbot2 doesn’t perform any of the actions… Me and son both getting quite frustrated and disappointed as had really hoped that the would be some sort of step by step tutorial also for mbot2 available.
Does anyone know if this exists / how to get it to work? And if not in mblock itself, is there another step by step into for younger kind? Or do we have to revert to trial and error / watching YouTube tutorials in parallel??
Really hoping someone can help us, greatly appreciated!!


I recommend the online:
or PC versions of mBlock. I don’t have any experience for the iPad one. :confused:


Thanks for the hint - had tried that already briefly but couldn’t find the same step-by-step tutorial functionality that the app seems to offer, albeit für the codey robot only. Very disappointing. :frowning:



You may find my book, a free download from Makeblock Education of some use:

https://education.makeblock.com/resources/res-mbot/56549/ 3

It’s based on mBot 1.1 and Windows, but the principles there are still the same and much of the content will apply to programming mBot2 (Neo).


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