mBot2 / CyberPi - WiFi/Bluetooth connection with micro:bit and kittenbot?


Is there any experience connecting CyberPi / mBot2 wirelessly with micro:bit or Kittenbot for IoT projects?


Hi Forain,

The possibility would have been in the local version but unfortunately there is nothing in the extensions. You will have to communicate with a cable


micro:bit is able to work as a Bluetooth peripheral device. If CyberPi is able to work as a Bluetooth central device the connection could be established in theory.


Hi Showman,

Effectively and without too much problem. However, the micro:bit is not a Makeblock product and Makeblock does not support it for the web version. It even disappeared from devices and remained only in the local version of mBlock.

In conclusion: An external developer will have to code a direct WIFI, a bit like the LAN block between the Halocode and the CyberPI.


do you have micro:bit? micro:bit extension in mBlock 5.4.0. doesn’t work with my micro:bit v2.


Hmmm, I have a version 1 and I believe the extension is very old. It would take a geek to code a new micro:bit v2 device. Unfortunately, Makeblock is focused on their products. The Halocode is pretty much equivalent to micro:bit v2 and when it’s $30 off, it’s a very fun device.

I tested the LAN block and it works between CiberPI and Halocode. It is therefore possible to communicate wirelessly with the mBot2.