mBot2 / CyberPi is laggy?


I’m curious why it is so laggy and can it be fixed/optimized? Let’s say if you run default program that plots sin functions you will notice the curves are not smooth. Also I have issues with playing notes and etc.


Hi Forain,

Do you have your code available to see the slowness and then check the code. There is no shame, code, it can be written in a thousand ways…


Thanks for reply. Yes, may be so and I’m hoping for further firmware optimisation of CyberPi.

In my example I mentioned program ‘Trig Function’ that comes with CyberPi. However there is another program ‘Trig Function’ that can be downloaded via mBlock and it is a bit different and run smoothly.
For another case just make a block: forever loop with playing notes from C to C forward and backward for 0.25s each. You may hear that some lags may happen during playing time to time.

PS. I run CyberPi on the latest x.x.008 firmware.


Hi Showman,

I’m a little bad at English and I understand that CiberPy seems slow to you. To test, you base yourself on the notes. Personally, it’s fine for my use, but I don’t code big games.

You want to run background music with a program. Is that the case. If so, I’ll try to look, the ways to get there or could Makeblock direct us?


Yes, playing music in a background is one of the cases.
For New Year eve we prepared a program that makes mBot moving around Christmas tree, flashing rainbow LEDs and playing Jingle Bells. Music playing was not smooth enough.


Ok that’s great as an example…I’ll look into that and see if I’m having trouble with the CiberPi speed wise.


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