Mbot2 - AI & IOT extensions not available?


Hi there,

I am trying to use text-to-speech in an mBot2 project.

I can get it to work in ‘sprites’ view in mBlock but not in the ‘device’ view (CyberPi for mBot2/Neo) - here the options are greyed out and I can’t drag any modules into Scratch. Why is that? Are these not available on the mBot2/CyberPi?

I have registered for an account and am logged in, as suggested here. I have also closed & restarted the app.

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Doh! Solved it - just to share with the community:

  • create account, make sure you’re logged in
  • go into “Devices” view (not “Sprites”)
  • switch to Upload mode (not “Live”)

Any AI stuff needs the bot to connect to wifi first to be able to access the required webservices / APIs.

Good luck!


Hi there:

Glad to hear you’ve fixed problem,if you encounter this problem again please feel free to contact with us.