mBot1 & mBot2


I Own an mBot1 I Was Thinking about Getting an mBot2 but I Don’t Know The Differences Between Them and Which is Better and Which is Worse so Can Someone plz tell me The Differences and Give me There Opinion about Getting mBot2 or not?



Hi Besoxsr,

I have a lot of Mbot 1 with a small defect, they are correct for starting learning.
However, even though mBot 2 is not currently available in Canada, it fixes some irritants of mBot 1.

  1. Precise direction control. So, a robot that turns 90 degrees. I’m not talking about turning one second to the right and depending on the battery power, the robot turns 40 degrees. Just that, it’s fantastic.

  2. 8 programs at a time. One for dad, one for my daughter, etc.

  3. Line following looks much better and there is a color sensor.

  4. The chip is an ESP32 so we have a little more current chip. Communication between robots will be easier.


There is no more IR

Conclusion: Buy an mBot 2, even if it costs more because you will really like this new robot more. It even has a CyberPy included with its screen (Very useful for debugging)

I respect the mBot 1 but the mBot 2 seems to be a replacement on almost all points


Thank you @Crackel for the information


Hello Besoxsr,

I bought the new mBot 2 and got it the day before yesterday. I’ve tried a lot with the mBot1 since the beginning of the year. Especially with using the Makeblock TFT-LCD module and the IR remote control. (more in German here: http://www.prof-horst-guenther.de/mbot)
I can no longer use either of these with the mBot Neo. A TFT screen is built in, but it is very small with 128 x 128 pixels.
The 21 buttons on the remote control cannot be replaced by the joystick. Many of my sketches cannot be properly transferred to the new mBot.

Although I search the documentation extensively, much is unclear:

  • 8 programs can be stored in the mBot 2: How can I do that?
  • How can I draw lines, blocks and circles anywhere on the screen?
  • The AI ​​blocks are used exclusively for speech recognition. Is that right?
  • I haven’t found any instructive examples of the IOT blocks
  • The help text for “show label” is missing. What is the difference to “show”
  • When will the various Chinese texts in the documentation be translated?

Conclusion: The hardware has gotten even better, the software so far incomplete and unusable.


(Translated by Google Translator)


Hi phg1,

Indeed, mBot 1 has a community and resources that have been available for a few years. The mBot Neo has just been released but it fixes some problems (steering, better sensors and an ESP32).

Following your comments, it seems that Makeblock has made a cut between mBot 1 and mBot Neo. There should certainly have been an IR as well as 1 or 2 connectors from the old mBot 1.

Maybe Makeblock has prefused an extension to connect old sensors and not just mBuilds ???

I still understand your disappointment.