MBot Wheel nuts keep falling off


My 10yo daughter got two Makeblock Mbotw for Christmas with the intention of doing ‘battle bot’ sessions. On the first mBot, we noticed that the bolts that went through the motors quickly loosed and eventually fell off. I thought of Elmer’s gluing them, but decided against it as it would be difficult to take them off. Instead we came up with the following solution written up by my daughter as a semi-temporary fix:

  1. Get thick rubber bands
  2. Cut 1/2 inch pieces from the rubber band
  3. Use the screw driver from the remote packet and poke a hole in the middle
  4. Take the nut off and put the rubber band around the bolt
  5. Screw the bolt back on
  6. Do this on each bolt
  7. It should last longer than before

Please let us know if you find a better solution.



Hi Gaijin,

This may not be the place to put this solution, but I find the official mBot engines too expensive. Me, I bought 10 motors on Aliexpress and it works really well. Yes there are 2 axles but it works exactly like the original.

Note: That it is necessary to make 2 small welders and change the 2 motors at the same time so that they have the same power.