Mbot traffic gate project/coding


Hello! I am looking for projects / coding examples for the mbot traffic gate add-on kit. I have the regular mbot and I have purchased the variety gizmos add-on pack. There are assembly instructions, but I would like help with the coding for this variety of robot. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.


You may find my book, a free download from Makeblock Education of some use:



@CommandeR gave a useful response…
And if you have everything set up, you can give me some more info, and I’ll make a code for you.


Hi! Thank you so much! I have assembled the robot according to the attached instructions. I saw the following YouTube video and I attached the “eyes”/ sensors like the boy in the video did. Can you help me with coding like the boy in the video?

Traffic Gate Assembly


Hmm… Can you send me some pictures of your setup? What exactly does your code need to do?


I will reply soon. The robot is not with me right now. I basically want it to do what the robot in the video is doing. Sensing an object and lifting the “gate”/arm and on 10th attempt not going up because the “parking lot is full”.


Hmm… :confused: