Mbot starter


I have purchased the mBot starter from Makeblock, it is really true that this dos not work with the most current version mblock 5. so it is basically outdated and is not any more supported? this was not stated on the selling page by any means!

Makeblock Starter Robot Kit Help

This one?


It looks a tad different, the board is rotated by 90° but it is displayed in the manual like I assembled it. https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B07KWN2TWJ


Seems like they don’t even plan on adding support for Starter into mBlock 5,mBlock 3 is the only one that supports it


Welcome to the club. I added a Raspberry PI to my Starter and use the PI to program the stuff. The orion is a real orphan as it has a micro USB port versus the standard square USB port that are on most Arduinos.


well that sucks. I will return it …


here is a list of what hardware is supported in mblock5


yeah I will get the mBot Ranger.


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