mBot Running program without cable attached


Hello I have just inherited about 16 MBot robots which I want to use with my Year 8s. How can I download the code then have the Robot running autonomously without the cable attached. We will be using classroom PCs (Secondary school setting) not laptops so they do not have bluetooth or wireless connectivity, just the USB cable. Lego Robots we used to use had ability to download, remove cable then press the button to make move round a maze etc.


Hi Julia @JVale

mBot1 &1.1 models should work exactly as your Lego robots did. You need to upload any code created (using Upload mode and the USB cable) into the EEPROM on each robot which will replace any previous code (the Firmware). Each robot will then obey the uploaded code as soon as it is turned on.


@JVale Simply write a code for the mBot, switch to upload mode in the mBlock editor, and upload the code. Everything should work fine. :slight_smile:


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