mBot Ranger - which app?


Hi - hope you can help - which app do my students use with mBot Ranger as on the mBlock Blocky - Ranger is greyed out?


Hi Iday,

I just have mBots but you are absolutely right.
The Ranger option is indicated as new but remains grayed out for IOS / Android.

Maybe Makeblock will have an explanation?


You can use MakeBlock app and and mBlock Blocky to control mBot Ranger.you can check these 2 apps’ differenct as below:
1.MakeBlock APP is for you to control your device running,turning.In this App don’t require you programming any programs.
2.mBlock Blocky is for teaching you how to learn programming for your device,it has some guidances to let you know the meaning of blocks,and let you know the meaning of block programming.

Aside,once you connected your device with Blocky,the gray out will light up.