Mbot Ranger Refuses to move. HELP!


Hello all,

I have recently bought the Mbot ranger but I seem to be having some issues.

The motors act weirdly like they will rotate sometimes but stop after a couple of times. I have replaced batteries 3 times with brand new ones rechargeable and non-rechargeable, I have also been changing the program still wont work. Also have changed cable inputs for both motors. The gears have also been adjusted for the Mbot ranger track bot. Please help!

The batteries also wont stop popping out which might have an effect on the issue so are there any solutions? I have tried taping them in and I have also resorted to chopped wood which was zip tied overt he top - it didn’t work.

The lights also flash rapidly on the robot near the top power button and the red light next to the reset button. I have reset this multiple times. The cable has also be changed around multiple time and had no difference as the code might be at fault.

When the Mbot is plugged into the computer it works perfectly.

Any solutions to this issue?


Hello AceTigerJett, according to your description, I assume that this could be the problem of the power supply, but not 100% sure about that. In this case, please record a video to show the problem that we are facing and send to support@makeblock.com , as well as other necessary information like where you buy it from and where you are located. We will help you via email to fix the issue.


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