Mbot ranger can't update firmware



I bought mbot ranger (Orion board). I assembled it and was able to operate it using the Makeblock iOS app. However, when I use the mBlock app (v5.1.0) or the Makeblock Arduino IDE I can’t update the firmware. If I try to make a simple block program without updating the firmware then I run into an error “get code upload driver by stk500v2” and I can’t proceed any further.

I found youtube video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N2IAgsE-smM ) on updating firmware for mbot ranger, but it seems to be on an earlier version as the version of mBlock app than I have (v5.1.0) because the latest mBlock app doesn’t have the Connect / Update Firmware in the menu selection.

Please help. Thanks.


I mainly use iOS version of mBlock app but tried it on the Windows version as well, with same results.


Sorry for the delay. May I know is your kit Ranger or Starter? As Ranger uses Auriga board and Starter uses Orion board; And mBlock 5 doesn’t support Starter yet.
The video is for mBlock 3.
If you are not sure, please give me some pictures of your kit.
Thank you!


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