mBot Ranger Bluetooth not Connecting


Just built the mbot ranger and it will not connect using Bluetooth. I have tried several devices. Everything is updated. Any other suggestions?


Make sure that the chip is plugged into the board:

and the device / app has Bluetooth permission:
For computers, see
For phones and tablets, see
and make sure your device is supported.

@Ashleysyd If you can give me some more info about your OS, the device (phone / tablet / PC), and the version of the app you are using I can help you more. Thanks!


The board is inside the box that was already pre built. I have tried iPhone 12 Pro using ios 17.1.2.
Using the mBlock app and makeblock app. Also tried a ipad 10 generation using ios 17.1.2. Same apps
On MacBook Pro I am using mBlock v5.4.3
MacOS Monterey 12.72-12.41gb


Just took the top off and the Bluetooth board is connected. Still not working


I’ve also noticed there are 3 red lights flashing rapidly. One by the eyes, the middle and near the blue tooth.


When using a PC, please test with version 5.4.0 or 5.3.0.

What type of Bluetooth connection are you attempting on PC? For PCs, use the Bluetooth dongle:

A flashing Bluetooth light means that the robot isn’t connected.

Make sure that all the apps have Bluetooth permission. Do you have more info or screenshots of what you are doing?



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